Salem Falls

If you know it’s Jodi Picoult, you know she will be tackling some kind of controversial issue.  For the most part, she hits the rape laws in this novel.

Jack St Bride entered a plea of guilty to sexual assault when he was arrested for having sex with a minor.  It never happened, but his lawyer recommended this as the best course of action.  So, after eight months in jail for a crime he did not commit and a life in ruins, Jack finds the small country town of Salem Falls and decides to start again as a dishwasher.

There, Jack meets Addy, a woman whose life has also been turned upside down by rape.

Unfortunately for Jack, he also comes across a group of teenagers dabbling in witchcraft.  After a Beltaine celebration, Jack is once again accused of rape – aggravated assault this time rather than just statutory.  How can Jack have a fair trial if he has already been convicted of the crime before?

Picoult again delivers an easy-to-read and moderately entertaining novel, that delves further into the characters lives than expected.


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