Do you never know what to read?  Do you want to be one of those people who knows what book everybody is reading – and read it two weeks ago? Then this blog is for you! I mix in new releases (some pre-releases too), fad books (50 Shades anyone?) and some classics.  And my hope is, this is your one-stop shop to decide what to read next.  Tell your friends!

I love books.  In an almost-irritating-to-others, all-consuming kind of way.  I usually have a few on the go, some by choice and some by necessity.  Not only does my job require me to read (and also to re-read), I also review for Good Reading Magazine.  However, all of my reviews are unique and nothing you see published here is published anywhere else.

I love a book recommendation too, so feel free to throw a few my way.

Stay in touch on Twitter @laurenjblogger.

Cheers, Lauren 🙂


Currently reading: For Whom the Boy Toils by Michael Reichert and Richard Hawley to feed the mind.  To  relax the mind, The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor. Re-Reading David Malouf’s Ransom (again) for work.


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