What Should I Read?

So you are wondering what you should read? Here are a few tips.

I’m always interested in what makes the Man Booker list – so we should probably all check out Lincoln in the Bardo, the most recent winner.  I read quite a few others on the Shortlist though and can recommend Paul Auster’s 4321 and Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West.  Emily Fridlund’s contribution, History of Wolves wasn’t bad either.

I have two Long-List must-reads on my pile right now – Autumn by Ali Smith (the follow up, Winter, is now available) as well as The Underground Railroad by Coleson Whitehead.

People are still loving Big Little Lies – so I have decided I have better give that a go.

The new Graeme Simsion is worth a go – Two Steps Forward, as is Sofie Laguna’s The Choke (once again I am saying she has written one of the books of the year).








  1. Lauren! Great to meet you on Thursday, sorry the evening took a technical turn…it has a habit of doing that…//

    I just crawled into bed and opened the laptop and got stuck reading your blog before I closed down… now I just want to read ALL THE BOOKS!!

    But, I also wanted to read your about page and there isn;t one…. or in my gin fuddled state, did I miss it!!?… your reviews are great, but a glimpse of the woman behind it?? That’d be ACES!! Keep it up, this is great stuff, I want to read more! Dee xx

    1. Hi Dee, Thanks so much for reading! I actually wrote in my notes on Thursday night that I needed to do an About page so I will get onto it ASAP!
      Cheers, Lauren 🙂

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