Feeling Nostalgia… Book Review of New Spring

New SpringFor me, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series is so many hours of your life well-spent.  I mean, 16 epic books of about a thousand words in length… it really is an investment.

Sadly, the length of the series makes re-reading it a daunting task.  So finding New Spring amongst a pile of unread books (okay, one of many piles) was a delight.  A new chapter as such.

New Spring is a prequel story to that of Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn.  It centres mainly on Moiraine Damodred, the Aes Sedai who found Rand along with fellow tavern Mat and Perrin in the Two Rivers.  Just before Moiraine is raised to full Aes Sedai, she is present when a sister foretells the birth of the Dragon Reborn.  As we know, finding him and training him for the Last Battle again at the Dark One becomes Moiraine’s life purpose.

We delve deeper into her friendship with Siuan Sanche, another Aes Sedai destined to rise to the Amyrlin Seat (their leader for those of you who haven’t read the series) and learn how she comes to bond Lan as her warder.

Reading this was completely wonderful.  I felt like i was visiting old friends – it was warm and familiar and they had new stories to share with me, and new insight ready to offer.  The perfect holiday read.


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