Book Review of The Easy Way Out

I enjoyed the two novels previously published by Australian author Steven Amsterdam, easy way outand The Easy Way Out further demonstrates his ability to work with different styles and different subject matter.

The focus of The Easy Way Out is euthanasia.  Amsterdam imagines a world in which euthanasia has been legalised – subject to stringent review. Evan – our main character – is a nurse who is undertaking his first session assisting a suicide in a hospital. He also has an ill mother at home who lets him know – without much subtlety – that she will be relying on him and not the process when she feels the time has come. Because, let’s face it – everything that can be done legally can also be done illegally without and rules or regulations at all. There is even an underground organisation that you can contact should you want to take your own life in your own way.

While Evan supports the concept of choosing your own death, as the novel unwinds he is faced with a myriad of situations in which he has to question and test that belief.
There are some interesting things here, although this one failed to keep me as engaged as his second novel. Worth a look for the subject matter though.


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