Book Review of History of Wolves

Emily Fridlund’s debut novel, History of Wolves is pretty impressive.  30183201-_uy200_

Although many would argue this is a “coming of age” story, I’d argue it is a pretty original one.

Yes, we have a young and naive girl looking to make connection. Isolated even from her cultish parents, she spends much of her spare time in the rugged northern Minnesota landscape.She stumbles onto a young mother and son and insinuates her way into their lives.  Patra, the mother is lonely too.  And then the husband arrives… and the sense of impending doom increases.

The novel flashes back and forward to indicate that something life-changing is about to occur – but what will it be?  Fridlund controls this well.  And on top of that, she weaves in a second minor storyline that sheds further light on her main character.

Slow and rewarding – but you won’t be bored.  Fridlund’s craft is excellent.  I can imagine her developing into someone really worthy of our attention – and even this first novel is absolutely worth your time.


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