Book Review of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

life-changing-tidying-upIt’s hard to not be curious about Marie Kondo’s now famous book about how to tidy and what the benefits of tidying are.

Again, I suppose this was a bit of a speed read – the type of book where you can really enjoy some sections that are of relevance to you, and others that are not.

I like the idea of being less cluttered and less attached to unnecessary material items.  Kondo asks us to completely de-clutter, keeping only those things necessary to life and that “spark joy”.  She also talks a lot about how this can improve our lives – making us less stressed and more at peace. There is a lot to be said for that.  And as I look around my decidedly un-Kondoed lounge room writing this, I could certainly imagine how that would be true.

There are many practical tips for the correct way to de-clutter, to pack away items and to resist the urge for expensive storage solutions.  But there is also a lot of discussion about gratitude and showing gratitude for your belongings and how being tidy does this.  As a person who recently began a gratitude journal (New Year’s Resolution and all that), some of this resonated.  It is hard to appreciate things when we have too many.  Or we are too tired, stressed and cluttered to do so.  But Kondo seems to spend a lot of time sorting each day.  She also discussed the energy and purpose of items and how we need to respect them – which may or may not resonate with everyone.

I’d encourage you to pick and choose – but some good food for thought here in an increasingly materialistic world.


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