H is for Hawk

h_is_for_hawk_cover-2-720x1121H is for Hawk is the true story of Helen MacDonald – a woman who sought relief from the grief of her father’s death in training a Goshawk.

Although an experienced Falconer, MacDonald had never really entertained the idea of taking on such a predator – although she had been fascinated by hawks since her childhood.

The text – although lacking in narrative structure – talks about the process of training her hawk Mabel and the complex series of emotions this brings. Underlying it all is MacDonald’s need to find a connection – something to replace her father.

helen-s-h-is-for-hawk-wins-uk-non-fiction-prize-1415220766-7015Mabel herself though is unknowable and untameable – both predator and child. There are several fascinating elements of the story, and discussion of the books she had read on this topic and others – including the curative nature of animals in the grieving process. Definitely worth a look if the subject matter intrigues you.


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