Book Review of Roald Dahl’s Matilda

matildaThis beloved children’s classic – one that has been sadly missing from my reading history – is deserving of almost universal love that appears on the faces of those who talk about it.

The eponymous Matilda is a child prodigy, who despite disinterested and dislikable parents manages to teach herself to read before entering the first grade.  When left alone in the afternoons, she takes herself off to the library and begins to find her passion for books.  She even works her way up to Dickens (a girl after my own heart).

She manages to have a couple of adventures in her first year of primary school, pulling pranks on her father – a cheating car salesman, punishing the horrible school principal and even moving objects with her mind.

It’s a delightful story full of all the magic we would come to associate with Roald Dahl.  Definitely one for the kids.  I listened on audio, narrated by Kate Winslet.  A treat.


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