Book Review of Bright, Precious Days

Unknown-1Jay McInerney is known for his sharp prose and his ability to capture the concerns of New Yorkers – and I would argue he is fairly successful at this in his new novel Bright, Precious Days.

The novel examines the Calloways – Russell and Corinne, a married couple approaching their fifties and attempting to come to terms with how differently their loves have turned out to the dreams of their youth. Once committed to art and love over money and power, the Calloways are looking down the barrel of financial ruin, like many other New Yorkers in 2008. In addition to this, Russell’s professionalism as an editor is being called into question as he makes some poor investments in authors and Corinne is tempted by a former lover who returns with reconciliation on his mind.

Very much an homage to New York and the generation that made it great, Bright, Precious Days is real and finely-crafted. The subject matter isn’t really my cup of tea, but will no doubt appeal to many looking for real human stories.


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