Book Review of The Loney

Andrew Michael Hurley’s The Loney has been hailed a “modern classic” in it’s initial Unknownreviews, and while I agree there are very good elements to this, I wasn’t quite as enthusiastic.

There is some pretty heavy-handed suspense here – and many horror tropes in play. And probably what The Loney does best is establish and hold that sense of impending doom.

The story is narrated by a boy in his teens – a fairly naïve one who does not seem to fully understand all the things that are occurring around him. He and his family are on their annual trip to a desolate landscape known as the Loney – where his brother is taken each year to visit a spot of religious significance where it is hoped he will be cured by God of his muteness and developmental issues. Strange as all of this is, there are other ominous storylines hovering – a priest whose death the year before was questionable, some hostile locals, dead animals appearing and a 13-year-old pregnant girl who hints at being paid to give the baby over…

Perhaps because of all of this, the plot is hard to follow and there is a bit too much going on. So while the atmosphere is good, The Loney failed to fully engage me.. and this includes the ending. So when all is revealed, I was left wondering about all the things that were left out.

Has anyone else read and enjoyed this one?


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