Book Review of Modern Romance


You have to love Aziz Ansari – whether you were introduced to his stand up, his Netflix series Master of None or through the wonderful Parks and Recreation, his particular brand of quirky humour is great.

Modern Romance should be very funny then – but actually it is mainly quite serious. Ansari has made quite a study into dating in the modern world. Much of this – if you have experienced single life in the digital age – is pretty straightforward. Ansari looks at online dating and all the pitfalls and possibilities in the way many others have as well – although perhaps without quite as many amusing case studies. He even uses his own text message conversations to prove many of his points (both things to avoid and to emulate).

Interspersed with this is some quite serious research into dating in countries quite different to our own – like Japan where the desire for women to be demure and conservative often gets in the way of the man’s need for reassurance. Then there is the United Arab Emirates – where young people are not actually allowed to date! Juxtapose this with the South American countries where taking a lover is all but expected… it is certainly an interesting journey.

Personally, I would have liked more of Ansari’s particular brand of humour throughout, but perhaps it’s also nice to see a more serious and thoughtful side too. This is probably not what you would expect in Ansari’s first book, but moderately entertaining nonetheless.


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