Book Review of A Man Called Ove

UnknownSome books remind us that no matter how empty life feels, it an always have something new to offer.  A Man Called Ove by Frederik Backman is such a book.

I can’t remember how I got onto this – I think perhaps it was on special offer at Audible.  I didn’t know much about it when I leapt into it, and what I found was something sweet and soulful.

Ove is an old man who thinks life is finished with him. His wife has passed away, and he is no longer needed in the job that he kept for a lifetime. He is old and grumpy – you will find it hard to have sympathy for him initially, although the harsh exterior marks a warm heart.

Ove thinks perhaps it is time he joined his wife in the afterlife.  But each day offers him new connections and possibilities – ones that are worth living for.

It’s hard to imagine anyone not liking this.


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