Book Review of Butter

I read this in just ove17306825r 24 hours – compelling reading.

‘Butter’ is a teenage boy in his final year of schooling who weighs over 400 pounds.  He is socially isolated, preferring instead to play his saxophone and talk online under a screen name.

After one final incident of bullying at school, he posts a website in which he announces his plan to “eat himself to death” at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve.

This plan thrusts him into the social spotlight, inviting social connections he has never had a chance to enjoy.  But are these people his real friends?  Or are they just morbidly fascinated by his plan?  And will they ditch him if he doesn’t have the guts to go through with it?

There are some interesting emotional complexities here, and Erin Lange has effectively captured the teenage psyche and their central concerns.  This is an interesting book for young people to have a read of, challenging ideas about bullying and asking them to broaden their definition of it.  Worthy of the positive word of mouth that brought it to my attention.


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