Book Review of The Anti-Cool Girl

Millions of women became fans of Rosie Waterland when she began recapping episodes of The Bachelor in her own inimitable style.  She has a magnificent ability to point out just how ridiculous many of the situations on the show are.

For those looking for more of the same, The Anti-Cool Girl will not disappoint.

IMG_4441Despite the fact that Waterland has lived an incredibly tough life, she portrays most of it with good humour.  In fact, she is startling glib about some fairly traumatic childhood events – perhaps revealing the depth of the pain she experienced in reliving these events and putting them on paper. Waterland is the child of addicts, leading to a life of emotional abuse and uncertainty.  As a child, they moved around a lot, depending on whoever her mother was seeing to support them.  Later, there were stints in rehab.  As a teenager, a relative pays for her to go to an expensive North Shore private school, where she is bullied mercilessly. It is only when she begins to speak about this bullying that the memoir takes a more serious tone.  Our Rosie – quite rightly – has no time for bullies.

These incidents lead to mental health issues later in life, and her own brushes with substance abuse.  But she manages to pull herself out of the slump and is now one of the most popular writers in Australia – one that we know and love.

This is certainly one for fans – and Waterland has plenty of those.


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