Book Review of Bird and Sugar Boy

Bird and Sugar Boybirdsugarboy (or James and Craig) are outsiders who have found each other. Bird in particular is troubled – his mother left him alone with his father years ago, and all he cares about are birds. But life works when the two of them are together. Then Sugar Boy reveals his family is moving to Broome – and Bird’s life falls apart. The one person who supported him is going away, and he feels more abandoned than ever.

Bird takes off to try to find the one person who never let him down – the author of his favourite book on birds. But the world is bigger than Bird imagined, and in his time of need, he finds out who really cares about him, and how he can show his caring to others.

Quite moving in places, although not a lot of action. Might be a struggle for reluctant readers who need a lot of plot. This is more quiet and introspective. Sofie Laguna is one to watch for though – I’ll be looking for her Miles Franklin Award-winning The Eye of the Sheep.


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