Book Review of The Girl With All the Gifts

The_Girl_with_All_the_GiftsMelanie sits in her cell waiting for the soldiers to come and strap her into her chair.  Then they will take her to class.  She loves class – especially when it is a Miss Justineau day.  She reads the children stories and myths – about Pandora and the titans and pale beautiful women.  Melanie’s skin is pale too, so maybe that means she will be beautiful.

With these kinds of details. M.R. Carey slowly builds this very clever dystopian fiction that is like no other zombie novel you will ever read.

In a remote facility in the English countryside a group of survivors study some remarkable children that may hold the key to curing the terrible zombie virus that has wiped out most of the Earth’s population. But none of those children are more remarkable than Melanie.  Throughout the course of the story Melanie will change more than just the people she encounters – she will change the world.

Although in places this lacked focus, this was often an intriguing story that left me wanting more – in the best way.  The characters are all interesting and develop through the story into even more interesting personas.  Carey shows some restraint in revealing the details about his strangely familiar world, although at times I felt he may have showed his hand a little early and could have built the suspense a little bit more.

I bought this on audio on impulse, and I would also encourage you to read it without reading too much more about it.  There is much to enjoy here, and the mystery of it all is part of it’s magic.  There are definitely a lot of people talking about this book, and there are certain to be even more as the year further unfolds…


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