Book Review of The Magician’s Lie

magicians lieIf you are looking for an engaging read – not too challenging – but something to keep you interested, please consider Greer Macallister’s The Magician’s Lie.  I can’t remember where I heard about it, but bought it on Audible earlier in the year.

The premise – if not original – is certainly interesting.  After a magic act, a dead body in found.  When a young policeman encounters the female magician who is the subject, he locks her up straight away in his local police station, thinking the publicity for her capture will help him keep his job after a debilitating injury.

But how can you trust anything said by a person whose life is dedicated to trickery?  When The Amazing Arden pleads her innocence, she is invited to tell her story.  She takes the policeman right back to her childhood, explaining her early years and how she came to learn stage magic.  Through this story are the threads of the murder to come. But should he trust her?  And is she just buying time to make a grand escape, just like she does on stage?

There is certainly enough here to make you want to keep reading.  Some interesting characters and scenarios.  Not a bad read.


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