Review of Reached (Matched Book #3)

ReachedAllyCondieI’ve kind of been binge-listening to this Allie Condie dystopian series, all the while reading for too many school texts for the umpteenth time. At least audios keep me in the frame of new reading.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the series but the plot felt a little stretched in this one, as if it times Condie had to re-frame events from the previous two books in order to make them fit this last one.

The first part of this final book is the best. Whilst in Crossed, we added Ky’s narrative voice, in Reached we have Xander’s as well. All three characters are in quite different places at the beginning of the next, when the revolution begins. Xander is a medic, and privy to the Rising’s plans to unleash a virus to take down the Society. Ky is a pilot for the Rising, where he draws closer to Indy, who we met in the last book. Cassia herself has the most interesting storyline. Alone in Central, she develops her resourcefulness by trading with the archivists and eventually becoming a trader herself. Through this, she becomes instrumental in re-awakening the people’s love for the arts – inspiring them to write and sing and create again. Honestly, I wanted more of this. Why do we HAVE to have a love story to make YA fiction work?

At least Condie doesn’t belabour the love triangle. We’re all a bit sick of that after Twilight. She resolves it neatly and believably.

This isn’t the greatest series ending ever – but you will get some closure on characters that are easy to grow to love.


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