Review of Crossed (Matched Book 2)

crossedThere’s one thing I like about an audio book – no matter how busy your work week is, you know you can do a bit of reading.  In the car, walking the dog… empty brain space can be filled with an audio book.

I’m really starting to enjoy this YA Fiction series by Ally Condie.  Initially, I was concerned that like Twilight, it would be dominated by the love triangle.  In the first book, our heroine Cassia was matched with Xander by the controlling Society in which she lives.  Xander is handsome and clever and admirable, but Cassia finds herself drawn to Ky, labelled an aberration by the Society.  Now, she risks her life and her social status to follow Ky into the wilderness.

We learn more about the oppressive Society in this book, and how aberrations and anomalies are being used as cannon fodder in the war against “the enemy”. We also learn that there is a rebellion underway, known as The Rising.  And in homage to the beauty of poetry – one of the best aspects of this series – they use the Tennyson poem Crossing the Bar as a code to communicate.  Cassia feels compelled to join them, but Ky would prefer they escape together and leave all these troubles behind.  This will be an essential conflict that will test their relationship – especially when it is revealed that Xander has already joined.

There is some interesting character development in this second instalment – I can only hope it continues for the third, and that Cassia is not defined by the young men around her.


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