Book Review of The Girl on The Train

22557272This is getting a lot of buzz at the moment as many are comparing it to the hugely popular Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  So, I figured I had better have a bit of a look.

There are indeed lots of thematic and structural similarities to Gone Girl – including shifting narrators who each impart different elements of the story of a murder.

Rachel takes the train to work every morning, passing by the house she once lived in with her former husband.  He now lives there with his new wife.  She fantasises about the lives of those who live on the street – including an attractive young couple she dubs “Jess and Jason”.  She imagines their lives resembling the perfect marriage she once thought she had. Now, she is alone and often turns to drink to mask the pain.

Then she hears about the murder that takes place on the very street. And she feels she may just have some information that might be important?  Will anybody believe that the girl on the train could have the answer the police are looking for?

Engaging and not obvious, this is an enjoyable and easy read.  It lacks the shock value of Gone Girl, but engages with some more complex issues.  You will change your mind six or seven times as to who the culprit is.


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