Disinterested Book Review of If I Stay

ifistayThere were many times whilst reading this teen fiction when I asked myself – why am I reading this?  The simple answer is, because thousands of teenage girls are.  This is the book they are hiding someplace random in the school library because they can’t borrow any more books and don’t want anyone to take it.  It sits in book stores in huge piles somewhere close to the door where they can see it as they walk by….

I persevered, but I really didn’t enjoy this. There isn’t much unique about this book.  It is basically the story of a young woman who is separated from her body after a tragic car accident in which many family members are killed.  She comes to realise that it is her choice to stay or go (into the afterlife that is) and so she watches the grieving friends and family at the hospital and relives all her special moments with her boyfriend and friends.  It’s all a bit trite really.  If you want a girl to really think, or really be moved for that matter, give her a copy of a John Green book.  It’s in a whole different league.


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