Skeptical Book Review of The Light Between Oceans

This has gotten a fair bit of press recently, and as such peaked my interest. But I had to push myself to keep reading – mainly because the strongThe-Light-Between-Oceans-1gb5o96 echoes of Jodi Picoult make this seem less than original.

Picoult’s formula for her novels is to choose a controversial issue or an impossible situation and play it out.  Steadman does much the same here – depicting the story of a childless lighthouse keeper and his wife, who find a dead body and a baby girl upon their shores.  The young wife – desperate after her third very recent miscarriage, immediately makes the girl her own, even breastfeeding her.  The husband is powerless to separate her from the girl they come to call Lucy.

The pass Lucy off as their own child, until they begin to receive information that clearly tells them who Lucy’s mother is – a woman who is very much alive and has never stopped looking for her daughter.

This didn’t go in quite the direction I expected, which I suppose gives it some badly needed bonus points.  This isn’t a bad read, it just doesn’t feel original.  But, if you are a die-hard Jodi Picoult fan, and like that kind of melodrama, this could easily be a pleasant way to spend a few hours.


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