Dreams of Gods and Monsters

dreams-of-gods-and-monstersThis is the final instalment in Laini Taylor’s excellent trilogy about an angel and a chimera who fall in love with each other in defiance of each of their societies.
Taylor manages to keep her two lovers, Karou (a chimera reincarnated in a human body) and Akiva (an angel), separate throughout the novel, without making the plot line too tortured. And rather than simply playing out the plot as it stands, she adds in further complications that go beyond the angel/chimera war. Much of this centres around a mysterious girl called Eliza, who has dreamt of monsters all her life.
We left the last novel with much of the angelic host making their way to Earth and revealing themselves to humanity, in order to gain access to nuclear weapons to wipe out the chimera forever. This leaves the chimera no choice but to seek assistance from the Misbegotten – Akiva’s disgruntled force. But can the two groups overcome years of prejudice and conflict to save themselves?
Plenty more in this final novel to keep you interested – and the possibility of further books as well, as there are clearly more adventures to come.


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