Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2)

thCAVAZK3MEvery so often – and unapologetically – I just want to read something light. Something to rest my tired brain. After the indecipherable Foe, this was just the ticket. I still maintain that these teenage vampire fictions are more closely related to bodice rippers than anything penned by Anne Rice for example, but they can be harmless fun.

So some friends challenged me to read this after a girl’s night out led us into the Vampire Academy film (this novel following on directly from this). I may have claimed that I could predict the outcome of the whole series from a few small details… so I am hereby proving myself either incredibly right, or incredibly wrong.

What struck my first was the appalling writing – it took me three of four pages to get past this.  But eventually I did, and got lost in the story of best friends Lissa and Rose, and especially Rose’s forbidden passion for her seriously hot mentor, Dimitri. Definitely page-turning stuff.

These kinds of novels follow a formula – and if this is a formula you enjoy, then this is certainly a great Sunday afternoon read, when you just want the world to fall away (possibly just leaving you, this book and a bag of gummi bears).



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