Blaze of Glory (Laws of Magic Book 1)

LOMBOGAlthough I can’t see this young adults book series making the transition to an adult readership, there is plenty here to keep teenage readers interested.

A great hook line will introduce you to Aubrey Fitzwilliam, a student and aspiring magician. And not the “white gloves, pull a rabbit from a hat” kind of magician, I am talking a magician of the steampunk world variety, where magic is real. Aubrey is a wonderful magician, but his ambition has lead him to dabble in magics he cannot control, which has threatened his life. Part of the storyline for this series will focus on Aubrey finding a cure for a difficult situation he finds himself in. But the rest of the storyline is comprised of politics and magic. The country stands at the brink of war, and Aubrey and his friend George find themselves embroiled in too many of them.

The beginning of a promising series, and an interestingly constructed alternative world.



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