The Mystery Knight

mystery knightThe third and so far final ‘Dunk and Egg’ story from the world of Game of Thrones. This time, our two main characters are on the road – supposedly to Winterfell and The Wall in the North – but stop off to enter a tourney. The advertised prize is a real Dragon’s Egg. Although Egg warns Duncan he is not great with a lance (“better with a sword”) he decides to enter anyway, losing his horse and armour in the process.

But more is going on than meets the eye. Too many major lords, connected to the uprising of bastard born Targaryen Daemon Blackfyre have assembled. And Duncan is suspicious of the winning streak of a mystery knight known as The Fiddler. When Egg disappears, all the pieces begin to fall together.

Again, this is really only for fans. The short length of the stories do not allow for much character development, or for much exploration of the relationship between the two main characters. Egg is after all a Targaryen Prince, but is determined to squire to Duncan, a hedge knight with no lord. To me, we need to explore more what draws Egg to Duncan above any other night in the realm.


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