shiftThis is the second in Hugh Howey’s WOOL trilogy, a dystopian vision of the future in which humanity lives only in 50 silos, with a poisoned world outside. This installment begins 100 years previous to the events of Wool, letting readers know how all this came into being.

The first focal character is Donald, a young congressman in the twenty-second century, who to his dismay becomes involved in a plot to do irreparable damage to a large proportion of humanity in order to save it as a whole. A century later, Troy wakes up in silo one, and cannot remember when he is and why he is in charge.

We also meet Mission, and watch as a revolution unfolds in silo eighteen and Jimmy, who we came to know as Solo in the previous book.

Some questions are answered here, but plenty of mysteries are left for the final book. A surprise of blue skies awaits readers at the end… Leading to the hope that the silos may no longer really be necessary.

This was a challenge to listen to on audio as so much is going on. It’s worth a look, but definitely read the hard copy.


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