Days of Blood and Starlight

UnknownThis is a continuation of Laini Taylor’s trilogy which began with Daughter of Smoke and Bone.  It explores the war between the Seraph and the Chimera, angels and devils.  The Seraphim enslaved the Chimaera centuries ago, but the Chimera discovered the power to resurrect their dead into new bodies, leading to a grisly war.  

Our hero Karou discovered she was a Chimaera resurrected in a human body at the end of the last novel – at the same time that the Seraph destroyed much of what was left of the Chimera, including Karou’s family, Brimstone the resurrectionist and his team.  Karou blamed her Seraph lover Akiva, who she met when he entered the human world to hunt demons.  In this novel, Karou has secretly brought what is left of the Chimaera army into the human world and taken up Brimstone’s place as resurrectionist. But her conscience troubles her.  How far will she go to save her people? Her best friend Zusana traces her all the way to her hiding place in Morocco, only to get caught up in the struggle between Karou and the treacherous Chimaera warlord Thiago. 

Meanwhile Akiva, still in love with Karou but spurned by her, does what he can to try to end the war, but each attempt is met with failure. However, he has gathered support amongst his brothers.  

This series just keeps getting better, it is much better than other popular teenage fiction series and those who are lucky enough to get onto it now will have two books to read before they end of waiting for the last! The tone of this one is much more serious than the last, and will leave you longing for the final instalment.


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