Creepy & Maud

E-9781921888953_AMAZONUKKINDLEThis is the most unusual love story I have met in a long time.  Two teenage social outcasts stare at each other through their facing bedroom windows.  He sits with a pair of binoculars – and she calls him Creepy.  But she doesn’t close her curtains.  He calls her Maud, as she reminds him of the Alfred Lord Tennyson poem of the same name.  Their real names are never mentioned, even though they go to the same school.

Creepy has warring parents and a distinct taste for things that others overlook.  To him, Maud is exotic and beautiful.  However, she is troubled.  Maud has Trichotillomania – she pulls out her own hair and eats it. Both do not fit in to the world around them.

Slowly they begin communication in looks and notes across the window.  Creepy understands Maud in a way that her parents do not.  As life becomes more and more difficult for Maud, it is Creepy who comes to her rescue, culminating in him fibbing his way into her home so that he can finally speak to her.  It is only at this moment that the reader realizes just how much their relationship has come to mean to both of them.

A surprisingly touching read, up for CBCA Older Reader’s Book of the Year (2013).



  1. This sounds really intriguing. Would you recommend it? What age group would you say its for, it sounds young adult. I think I will try to find a copy of this (if I ever finish the books I have been reading for way too long).

    1. Its definitely YA, butI enjoyed it. And nice to read something that you can actually finish in a few hours!

  2. This is in my top three for CBCA Book of the Year Older Readers. It is such an unusual look at teen ‘love’ – so often we hear the stories of the beautiful, the angry, the dying, but we rarely here about the ‘oddbods’ – kids who don’t fit the ‘norm’. Creepy is creepy and Maud is odd. And I love them.

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