Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore

imagesHere is a book that attempts to bridge the gap between those who love to read in the old-fashioned way, breathing in the appealing musty smell of books and those who have embraced new technologies such as e-readers.  While many would argue otherwise, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Clay – a computer buff who loves website design – falls out of his job and ends up answering an ad for help in the window of a very odd bookstore.  There is a small mainstream section at the front, and its frequented very rarely.  But at the back is a maze of shelves (complete with the romantic idea of a wheelie ladder) where a strange array of customers don’t buy, but rather borrow books.

Clay is fascinated, as are many of his friends including a bright and curious girl he meets that works at Google.  Together, they decide to use their computer skills to track the mystery of what is in the books  In doing so, they stumble upon a mystery that a secret society of readers has been attempting to solve for centuries.

Both books and technology are portrayed positively in this light but enjoyable novel that could easily pass the time on a Sunday afternoon.  A good one for book lover beach reading or similar.


One comment

  1. I read and LOVED this book on your recommendation, I love the whole secret society stuff and found the mix of books and technology great.

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