Ender’s Game

This was just amazing.  The kind of book that you think about when you’re not reading it, waiting for an opportunity to get back to it.

Set in the future where Earth has been attacked by an alien species known as buggers, the government and armed forces have taken it upon themselves to genetically design and train children who could be the next great general to lead Earth’s forces to victory.  Ender Wiggin is one of those candidates – in fact, they think he may be the one.  But how do you create a great general in just a few year?  You have to put him through rigid psychological training.  But Ender does not want to become a monster, devoid of human empathy.  How can you save humanity if you no longer care about human life?

Under enormous pressure, Ender has to become the best general he can (all before the age of 15) whilst haunted by the idea of becoming a monster like his older brother Peter.

Fascinating stuff.

There are apparently a wide range of sequels and prequels from the same universe that I will no doubt check out, although my research tells me they won’t be as good as this.


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