Quitters Inc

A long short story/short novella by Stephen King, outlining the story of Dick Morrison who feels like life is getting him down.  He runs into an old friend in an airport bar who tells him that he has given up smoking, and it changed his life.  He looks terrific – fit, happy and healthy. He passes over a business card to ‘Quitters Inc’ which remains in Dick’s wallet for several months until things are going to badly that he feels a change in his life would not be so bad.

His first meeting with is relatively straightforward, although Dick is uncomfortable with the amount of personal information they require.  And he should be – their methods fall nothing short of blackmail, with Dick’s family paying the price if Dick is unable to kick the habit.

Months pass and with only one slip with no lasting consequences, Dick quits smoking for good. A year later though, he is held accountable for the weight he has put on as a result of quitting….

Chilling in a non-supernatural kind of way.  Short enough to read or listen to in one sitting, or a nice walk.



  1. Reading BZRK want to see what ya readers liked about it. Nanowars are not my usual fav read, but I like the descriptions albeit they are sometimes predictable.

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