Fifty Shades Darker

Again, I find myself reading this latest bit of pop culture, and I admit I find myself enjoying it.  This second instalment is an improvement on the first, as it delves into Christian Grey’s demons and why he is the way he is with women and relationships.

At the end of the first novel, Anastasia Steele left Christian Grey as she was not sure she could be part of his lifestyle.  But in this novel, the shock of losing the only woman he felt he could ever have a real relationship with prompts Fifty to face and challenge some of his demons and decide what he really wants.  Bit of a dream come true really – a man who changes his entire life for you. No-one can deny that EL James knows her audience well.

But psychology is not the only thing standing in the way of the lovers.  Elena, Christian’s lover who introduced him to ‘the lifestyle’ (who Ana refers to as Mrs Robinson) makes her presence in Christian’s life felt.  As does Jack, Ana’s boss who Christian is concerned has far too keen an interest in Ana.

The novel leaves you on a cliff-hanger, waiting for the third and final instalment.  And lets face it, with popular fiction as easy to read as this, you are probably going to read it!



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