I’m not really a Neil Gaiman fan, but this book was recommended to me so many times that I figured I should give it a go.

To begin with, this is aimed at much younger readers than I was expecting.  Reading it, I kept imagining a mother reading it aloud to their early to middle primary school aged child – the age whereby children would still enjoy being read aloud to.  They would really enjoy this – it is a scary tale (for that age) of Coraline, a plucky young girl who enters a kind of parallel world where a witch disguised as her mother (except for her button eyes) attempts to keep her there to ‘love’.  Coraline instead searches for her real parents who have been hidden by the witch, with the aid of a talking cat.

A good one for much younger readers – teens and adults will find it a bit thin. I haven’t seen the film version so I can’t say how it compares.


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