Beautiful – Katie Piper

I don’t read non-fiction often – only when the subject really interests me.  And having seen a number of Katie Piper’s documentaries, I could not resist the impulse buy of this biography when I spotted it in the local bookstore in Berwick.

If you missed her shows, My Beautiful Face and My Beautiful Friends, Piper was a reasonably successful model and TV host who was attacked by the man she thought was her boyfriend.  This began with a beating and rape when she refused to sleep with him, and threats to her friends and family if she told anyone.  When she tried to avoid him, he had a friend throw acid in her face, scarring her for life.

Piper is an astounding role model and made an incredible transformation, from a girl whose life revolved around her looks, she began her own charity for people with disfiguring burns like hers and worked to raise awareness for people with disfigurements in general.  She changed her whole outlook.

And it’s not just her face – Piper’s eyes were damaged in the attack as was her throat.  Her eating is still restricted until this day.

Plainly written, I’m glad I learned more about her and the significance of her calling her autobiography Beautiful.


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