The Radleys

I’ve read some good reviews of this, and had some personal recommendations,  but this is a little too “I was a teenage vampire” mixed with a dose of “Home and Away” (not a compliment) for me.

The Radleys are a family of vampires who are abstainers – vampires who have chosen to give up the consumption of blood.  There are two problems with this – firstly, it makes life so dull it is barely worth living.  Secondly – the teenage children have no idea.  So when it all goes astray and their daughter Clara gives in to bloodlust during a particularly traumatic teenage experience the weakened Radley parents call in Uncle Will – a bad boy of long standing who cannot conceive of the choices they have made.  He also harbours a secret love for the wife Helen, based upon an affair they had many years ago.

All that saves this novel is the fact that it argues that a life spent in complete denial is not worth living.  The Radleys eventually find a way to be vampires – thus solving a lot of teenage angst in the meantime – and also keep from becoming murderers.  One for vamp fans only – not a huge amount of new material.


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