The Hunger Games

I’ve been meaning to read this for a while, and downloaded a digital copy from the school library. Then I sat and read it that day.  Collins has done a terrific job here in creating the latest big thing in Young Adult Fiction.  I was spellbound.

Katniss Everdeen is our heroine – tough but deeply devoted to those she loves.  She lives in a dystopian futuristic world where rebellions against ‘The Capital’ have resulted in the yearly ‘Hunger Games’, where one boy and one girl from each district is chosen to battle it out to the death in a game of survival that is televised across the country.

When her young and gentle little sister is chosen against tremendous odds, Katniss volunteers in her place and is prepared to enter the arena. But Katniss is a survivor, and slowly through her skills and building relationships, she starts to understand how to play the game.

With such a brutal storyline, Collins has to be careful to preserve the audience’s respect for Katniss, who manages to fight for her life without becoming a cold-blooded murderer.  There’s even a love story thrown into the mix, as she develops complicated feelings for the other contestant from her District, which in turn must affect her approach to surviving the games.

Engrossing and beautifully visualised, the series is worthy of all its success.  Glad I read the book before the film comes out.



  1. I really liked this book. She is a feisty and tough heroine and there is some social commentary on our world about commercialism and our attitude towards the environment. I particularly liked her critique on body image and the way that our culture privileges those who are ‘good looking’ even if artificially enhanced.
    This aspect of it reminded me a bit of Scott Westerfeld’s ‘Uglies’ series. I loved the second and third in this series too. They are pretty much unputdownable!

  2. Completely agree. I was harassed by a friend to read this book and began it unenthusiastically; The Hunger Games’ genre doesn’t usual appeal to me. But I was hooked! And subsequently went out and bought the latter two books of the trilogy. Wonderful read!

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