The Wise Man’s Fear

This new fantasy series by Patrick Rothfuss continues to impress.  This is the second of what is reportedly going to be a trilogy recounting the life of the legendary Kvothe the Bloodless, who is in hiding as simple Kote, an innkeep, and telling his story to a Chronicler.  This (very long, but very worthwhile) installment has a number of wonderful adventures including travels to distant lands, the faerie realm, and Kvothe’s time spent studying with the legendary warriors of Ademre.  He returns to his beloved university to continue his arcane studies.

In the present (as Kvothe tells the stpry of his adventures), the world is clearly a darker place.  And despite the thousand pages of plot progress here, we still have a lot of gaps to fill to figure out what has happened to the world in the years between.  Book Three is likely to be even larger than the last two.

Its been a long time since a new fantasy series has really captured my imagination in the way that Feist and Eddings did all those years ago, but Rothfuss really has created something special here, and real fantasy fans should get in on it. 

See my entry on The Name of the Wind for this novel’s predecessor.


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