A Kingdom Besieged

There are very few plus sides to being sick – catching up on your reading when your head is clear enough is one.  The only other is that I have the perfect lap dog sitting with me.

This is one that I struggled to get through, despite the fact that this author wrote one of my favourite books.  But its been a long time since I have visited this world and last time I visited it is was getting progressively less magical than the first novel. 

That being said, there are some genuinely intriguing aspects to this, and by the end of the novel, I was interested enough in the characters to want to read whatever comes next. 

Pug is still around – although he is a very different Pug than I last read!   More importantly, there is a most intriguing demon creature who we watch evolve into…well something we may still not understand but will soon.

The new characters seem likeable – just hard to get my head around how different things are…. all these demon worlds and new magicians.  Got some catching up to do.


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