The Constant Princess

What I like about a bit of historical fiction is the thought and the effort that the authors have to go into to re-interpret history.  Everything we know about the characters in this novel – led by the fascinating Catherine of Aragon (I do love a bit of Henry VIII intrigue) – is based around documents, folk stories, artwork and other historical sources.  What Gregory excels at, is finding or perhaps more accurately, imagining the human face behind these figures.

In this, I believe she is at her best.  Finding meaning in a young woman who marries the heir to the throne of England, and then after he dies, marrying his much younger brother, is no mean task.  But here, Gregory creates a compelling, proud and still likeable character.  Her actions are quite believeable, and this delving into history is as entertaining as it in educational.  I learnt a lot and could barely put the book down.  Another impressive effort.


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