It’s no Raymond E. Feist’s Magician, but the friend who has been raving about Weaveworld and how I should read it for years was not far wrong!

It’s a vivid and beautiful fantasy world, set partly in our England, and partly in ‘The Fugue’, a magical world hidden from its enemies in the weave of a carpet. 

Both Cal and Suzanna find themselves drawn into the mystery of the carpet – a hidden world sought out by the Incantatrix Immacolata – who hates the Seerkind of the Fugue and her accomplice Shadwell, the master salesman.  Suzanna is the granddaughter of one of the last guardians of the carpet, and Cal is one of the ordinary folk – called Cuckoos – who is drawn into the plight of The Fugue and falls in love with the land and its people.

But just when they think the last vestiges of The Fugue are safe, and older and far more formiddable enemy is drawn back into its search for the magic folk and their raptures.

An engaging story, although not quite a must-read. Makes me want to try more Clive Barker though.


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