Things We Didn’t See Coming

Imagine a future, in which the millenium bug actually caused the chaos so many feared.  This is what Stephen Amsterdam does in Things We Didn’t See Coming.

This novel is a series of 9 vignettes, set a different stages of the unnamed protagonists life.  It begins the the night before millenium, and continues through his adolescence, his relationship with a complicated woman called Margo and the various occupations he holds as part of the different regimes struggling for power in a new world. 

Its a well imagined work of art, and the main character is both complex, damaged, selfish, spoiled and still holds a hint of humanity.

Less morally clear but just as important a novel as The Road, this will find a lot of fans amongst discerning readers. The different shards of the broken future ring powerfully true and are imgined with clear insight and devastating sureness.



  1. Yes, I have read this one. I enjoyed it and the fact that it is a series of vignettes means that it would be good to teach from each perspective. I know that you said you were considering it instead of Year of Wonders and it may be a good substitute. Year of Wonders has worked really well this year, but is not for everyone.

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