Red Prophet – Alvin Maker II

This is the second installment in the Alvin maker series, and while it contains several important plot and  character developments, it is far too bound up in the “politics” of frontier America to be as engaging as it could be.

As prophecized in the first book, Alvin is kidnapped by Native American Indians in this novel, where he learns to ‘hear the green song’ and relate to the land as an Indian does.  This includes his ability to run for long stretches of time and survive from what the land offers.  He also plays his part in diminishing the human cost of several wars between white and red, between reds and the French and more.

Alvin further develops his power to heal, and his family is cursed by blood in a way that ties them – and the entire community – to the town of Vigour Church forever.

An important part of the story, but if you can get an abridged version on audio, it would be just as good.


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