Seventh Son – Alvin Maker I

I read this series – or at least what was written of this series – in my teens and loved it.  I am also loving re-discovering them again (plus the fact that another book or two has been written in the last decade!).

This epic fantasy series is set in the dawning days of American history – when settlers first began to make their way into Indian lands.  Each culture has its own magic and spirtual beliefs, each of which has a plan for the future of the country.  The author, Orson Scott Card, is especially proud of this.  A big fantasy fan, he always lamented the ‘Englishness’ of the fantasy genre.  He has certainly succeed in creating somethign very American here, but not that gung ho annoying kind of American quality, simply a series of texts that really explore the birth of America and all the cultures that contributed to society today.  Some pretty famous names get a guernsey – Ben Franklin, Napoleon and a whole lot more.

Our story begins with little Peggy, who is a ‘torch’.  She can see into the hearts of mankind and tells the future.  She sees a family in trouble over the Hatrack River.  Lying in his mother’s belly, little Alvin, the seventh son of  a seventh son, is waiting to be born.

Alvin is a miracle child with special gifts.  He will come to be a ‘maker’, a powerful force for good in a land that is not only being torn apart by the many races hoping to make it their own, but also by the UNMAKER, a force for destruction.

This book deals with the first few years of Alvin’s life, and how he must struggle simply to survive the forces than mean him harm, and come to understand what he really is.  It will certainly whet your appetite with the promise of all that is to come.


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