Jodi Picoult always chooses a controversial issue to interest her readers – and Mercy is no exception. The title of course relates to Mercy killing.

Life in the small town of Weeloch Massachusetts is thrown into chaos on the day that Jamie McDonald comes to town and kills his wife – a cancer sufferer with a very bad prognosis.  Jamie claims she begged him to kill her and end her pain.

The case divides the small town, and puzzles its local police chief, Cameron McDonald. In Weeloch, Cameron is more than police chief, he is head of the McDonald clan, a Scottish clan who settled in America many years before.  It is an honour and responsibility that chafes adventurous Cam, who wanted nothing more than to be a travel writer. But duty called him home and he donned the uniform and married a local girl. Jamie chose Weeloch in the hopes of being protected by his cousin and clan chief.

On the same day as the killing, a mysterious young woman called Mia, with no ties and no real past also comes to town.  Mia is a traveller, who goes where she pleases.  Also a florist, she is immediately befriended and employed by Cam’s wife Ally in her flower shop. But to Cam, her charm is irresistable.  She represents everything he ever wanted for himself, and the two soon begin a secret affair while Ally is busy working for Jamie’s defence.

This is only a moderately interesting text until two things happen.  Firstly, Ally discovers the affair.  And then the trial, this is well-written and keeps you guessing.

Although this is a bit of a soft read, it kept me interested right until the end. The last few pages of the novel deal solely with the future directions of Cam and Ally’s marriage, after Mia has left and Ally has learned everything. But I am left a bit unconvinced my this… I think a little more work could have been done here.


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  1. Dear Ms Cook,

    I didn’t actully read your blog, but I couldn’t find any other way to contact you.
    I guess that I just want to know how your doing. Could you answer me if you get the chance, cosidering you seem to still be updated on this silly thing.
    Thanks, Sarah

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