The Girl Who Played with Fire

The second book in Stieg Larsson’s bestselling Millenium trilogy will not disappoint.  Unlike the first novel, which stood alone, it appears that the final two, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest are linked – the events in the prologue of this novel are not resolved by the end of  the book.  I can only assume it is a mystery yet to come!

Set a year after the first novel, Lisbeth Salander is holidaying in the Carribean.  Upon her return to Sweden with Wennerstrom’s millions and what she wont admit is a broken heart, she begins to check the hacks on the computers she is watching.  Thus she discovers two things.  Firstly, Nils Bjurmann is not playing by the rules she so expressly laid out in the last novel.  Tut tut. Secondly, Mikael Blomkquist is investigating a prostitution ring with foreign girls who have been sold into slavery.  A mysterious figure known only as Zala appears to be at the centre of it.

This is right up Lisbeth’s ally, and she begins her own inquiries through her various resources.  Unfortunately, when both Bjurmann and two key players in the investigation are found murdered, Lisbeth is the prime suspect.

Mikael must once again place his faith in Lisbeth and work to convince the police, the unscrupulous media and the general public of her innocence.

Another wonderful well-crafted read.  The characters are real and intriguing, and I would argue again that Salander provides a new kind of heroine (or female hero, whatever term you prefer) for modern female readers.

I hear that all three films have been made a released in Sweden with the original cast.  Cant wait to see them all.


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