Alice in Wonderland – then and now

The new Tim Burton film version of Alice in Wonderland inspired me to download an audio of all of Alice’s adventures – that being, in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

My reading of these just served to show how much the literacy practices of society have changed. I found darling Alice – undeniably a classic and much-loved children’s story – long-winded and even frustrating at times.  Sure there are some great moments, and told as vignettes (which is how I believe many people remember the moments in Alice in Wonderland). 

Burton does a good job of modernising Alice, collating a lot of the great moments (even the Jabberwocky!) into an engaging hero tale, full of heart, action and humour.  Modern audiences just wont buy the old Alice in my opinion, so while this varies hugely from the text, the spirit is still there for a new generation to enjoy.


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