A Christmas Carol


I will admit that it is an odd time of year for this reading, but it was there on my iPhone, and I just kind of felt like it!

This delightful story of the redemption of Ebeneezer Scrooge kept me company for many hours over the weekend as I sorted and stacked and threw out junk in my study.  I would stop and shake my head, or think deeply about the examples provided and generally enjoyed myself very much.  For once, the wordiness of Dickens was not so noticeable – perhaps it is all just easier to take in on an audio!

The narrator of this version was the divine Tim Curry – and while he was more then adequate – I must admit I was searching for something of the cheekiness of Frankenfurter in his velvet tones.  Oh well – I don’t suppose there was much room for a character like that in Victorian England.

We all know the story, but much like my last entry, this is one of those cases in which reading the original brings out so much more.  This is definitely a “keeper”, one to read every year.  Maybe even around Christmas next time!


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