The Green Man

The Green Man by Kingsley Amis is one of those books I heard about years ago, and made note of to read at some point. Thus it is a list text – one I can finally tick off as read!

Essentially this is a ghost story. Maurice Allington, 53,  is the owner of a pub/hotel called The Green Man.  Known to be haunted, we get our first ghostly vision – the figure of a woman – in the first few chapters.   But Maurice eventually makes contact with a sinister ghoul called Thomas Underhill who worked black magic to extend his life beyond death. First, Maurice is intrigued. He seems to be discontented with his own life – he ignores his strangely wise teenage daughter Amy, spends little time with his new young wife Joyce, and mostly spends his time plotting to get Joyce to agree to a threesome with yet another hot young blonde. 

When Maurice researches his ghost – he finds out Underhill had some pretty ghastly tastes in life.  This, and a conversation with a rather laid-back and not entirely spiritual ‘God’ (who appears for a chat with Maurice) convince Maurice to act against Underhill and his Green Man – a nightmarish monster made of sticks and leaves and so forth.

It’s all tied up neatly in the end, and there is certainly enough tension and suspense to keep a reader interested until the end.


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